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Mining Restoration Project Administrator PDF Print E-mail
Competition Number ERWD-190601-1
Date Posted Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Location Regional
Job Description Functional Responsibilities:
• The Project Administrator will be responsible for developing overseeing and revising of a General Action Plan (GAP) that will comprise of a complete inventory of all sites requiring clean-up, including geographical coordinates, trapline designation, names of tallymen, available photos and descriptions of contamination present.
• The GAP will also include a prioritization study on the basis of risk, accessibility and cost estimates that will be used by the Steering Committee for the purposes of Agreement implementation. • Work in collaboration with the Ministθre de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) and other organizations to ensure all required activities have the necessary permits and certificates of authorizations.
• Arrange and oversee the shipment and appropriate disposal of all waste materials in compliance with MELCC requirements.

Interaction/Communication Responsibilities:
• Ensure communication with all regional and local governments regarding planned clean-up activities.
• Coordinate with all tallymen and land users whose traplines will be affected by the clean-up activities, ensuring their guidance and direct involvement in planned works.
• Represent the department and the Cree Nation Government and the Eeyou Istchee Baie James Regional Government working with any outside environmental organizations, agencies or consultants

Reporting Responsibilities:
• Provide regular reports to the Cree Nation Government, Eeyou Baie James Regional Government, the Steering Committee as well as the Director in relation to the fulfillment of the GAP.
• Ensure that regular reports are provided to communities regarding planned clean-up activities

Knowledge and Abilities
• Proven success in maintaining strong communications, including the ability to facilitate effectively
• Strong organizational skills and ability to coordinate multiple projects
• Demonstrated ability to work under significant pressure and to adapt to a changing environment and the ability to demonstrate excellent cartography skills

The Cree Nation Government may, at its discretion, waive any or all of the aforementioned requirements if a suitable candidate who is a JBNQA beneficiary accepts to follow a training plan determined by the Cree Nation Government as a condition of employment.
Requirements Education
• College Degree in the Environment or Administration sector.

• Three to five years of relevant work experience.
• Demonstrated experience of project management and working with indigenous communities.

• Fluency in English and French
• Fluency in verbal Cree is an asset
Terms Salary Grade 4: (Min. $46,031.00 – Max. $69,047.00)
Status: Permanent
Post Expiration Date 2019-07-17
Company Information Environment and Remedial Works
Your application must be sent by email or fax with the competition number: ERWD-190601-1 Valerie Mianscum Recruitment Officer Email: Tel.: 819-673-2600 Fax: 819-673-2606
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