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Cree Employment Officer -CHRD PDF Print E-mail
Competition Number CHRD-171006-1
Date Posted Tuesday, 28 November 2017
Location Mistissini
Job Description CORE FUNCTIONS
Under the general direction of the Director of Cree Human Resources Development and the immediate supervision of the Coordinator of Programs and Services, the Cree Employment Officer is responsible for providing and ensuring services related to all programs and measures under the CHRD mandate.
Functional Responsibilities
 Assess client needs, obtain information and identity appropriate measures.
 Compile and collect information pertaining to job openings, entry-level skills requirements and other occupational information.
 Maintain labour market data using the CHRD database.
 Organize, maintain and distribute information related to Employment Insurance benefits, HRDC and CHRD programs and services.
 Set up information booths, for clients and at local general assemblies, pertaining to CHRD programs and Employment Insurance benefits, regarding eligibility, procedures, processing and regulations.
 Conduct, if requested, regular and periodic project follow-ups and monitoring of all projects and ensure compliance with policies and procedures in the respective community.
 Facilitate workshops such as resume writing in the respective community.
 Assist clients’ and recipients’ potential by providing information pertaining to programs, funding sources, or policy and procedure changes, and assists, as needed, in writing and submitting proposals.
Internal and External Responsibilities
 Conduct counselling with clients and refer them to the Career Counsellor when needed.
 Provide labour market information such as training and employment issues at the request of the local and sectorial employers, Band administration and the CHRD coordination office.
 Explain benefits, programs and services to potential recipients.
 Refer clients to local employment opportunities and recruit labour for local employers.
 Train, as needed, new or less experienced Cree Employment Officers or other technical and/or clerical staff.
Administrative Responsibilities
 Input and maintain data on employment and education in the Cree Regional Authority Information System (CRAIS).
 Produce monthly and quarterly activity reports pertaining to local and CHRD programs and services.
 Perform other related tasks as requested by the Coordinator of Programs and Services/Director of Cree Human Resources Development.

Requirements Education and Certification
 High School Diploma with at least one year of post-secondary training in a related field.
 Experience in administration.
 One to three years of relevant work experience.
 Written knowledge of English.
 Fluency in Cree and English.
 Fluency in French is an asset.
Knowledge and Abilities
 Good communication and interpersonal skills.
 Good numerical and analytical skills.
 Ability to work well both independently and in a team environment.
 Good organizational skills and ability to coordinate multiple tasks and respect deadlines.
 Knowledge of Microsoft Office.
Additional Requirements
 Typical office setting where there are no unusual physical demands.
The CNG may, at its discretion, waive any or all of the aforementioned requirements if a suitable candidate who is a JBNQA beneficiary accepts to follow a training plan determined by the CNG as a condition of employment.
Application Period
From November 28, 2017 to December 13, 2017
Terms TITLE: Cree Employment Officer
DEPARTMENT: Cree Human Resources Development
STATUS: Permanent
LOCATION: Mistissini
SALARY GRADE 3: Minimum $39,009- Maximum $58,514
Post Expiration Date 2017-12-13
Your application must be sent by email or fax with the competition number: CHRD-171006-1 Valerie Mianscum Recruitment Officer Tel: 819-673-2600 Fax: 819-673-2606
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