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Justice Funds Administrator, Regional Print E-mail

Functional Responsibilities
• Assist the Department with general inquiries regarding the Funds’ objectives, criteria and other related information.
• Develop and implement policies related to the Funds for the Department.
• Advise communities, staff and partner organizations on administrative policies and procedures related to the Funds.
• Work with Coordinator of Programs to develop and implement processes to improve the administration of the Funds.

Administrative Responsibilities
• Carry out the initial review of the project funding applications and communicate with applicants concerning their application status, its completeness and questions regarding the process.
• Prepare the completed project funding applications for review by the Department Director and Coordinators, and then prepare an agenda and applications package for the Sub-Committees of the Judicial Advisory Committee.
• Provide an overview and assist successful candidates regarding respect of deadlines and policy requirements for report submission and work plans.
• Follow up with successful candidates to ensure proper implementation of their projects, including a visit to the site where possible and take pictures of program participants and activities for use for communication material.
• Ensure recipients are assessing project results, lessons learned from project implementation and provide a measure of overall effectiveness.
• Maintain, organize and audit documents necessary to support the Funds with the Financial Officer.
• Prepare quarterly reports on the projects funded under the Funds for Justice Department Coordinator and Director meetings.
• Assist the Department with the preparation of official statements regarding the Funds and reports on the successful projects being funded.
• Prepare reports, charts, and graphs related to the administration of the Funds, including the annual report.

Interaction/Communication Responsibilities
• Communicate information regarding the Funds to communities and present a Communication Plan outlining same to Coordinator of Prevention Programs.
• Communicate project funding approval or refusal decision to applicants.
• Communicate calendars and notifications of deadlines for project funding applications to the general public.
• Notify immediate supervisor immediately of any changes to the plan or failure to respect deadlines by funding recipients.
• Meet with recipient, after completion of a project, to discuss post program follow-ups and reporting.

Reporting Responsibilities
• Assist in research and development of internal initiatives, including preliminary budget estimates, to meet the needs of targeted groups within the mandate of the Department.
• Assist in researching and finding evaluation and assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of programs.
• Assist staff in compiling, developing and reporting on statistics related to Cree clientele in internal initiatives and utilizing services, as well as support them in managing their respective projects budgets.
• Compile assessment of projects implemented and report to Coordinator of Prevention Programs / Justice Committee to identify successful initiatives.
• Work with recipients to ensure reporting is done correctly to allow for transparency and accountability of Funds for annual audit.

Other Responsibilities
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility.
• Perform other duties as required.

Knowledge and Abilities
• Proven ability to communicate effectively including good presentation and report writing skills.
• Customer focused and service oriented.
• Ability to work with budgets.
• Proven ability to be discreet and maintain confidentiality.
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
• Strong organizational skills and the ability to coordination multiple projects.
• Strong judgment and proven ability to problem solve.
• Demonstrated ability to take initiative.

The Cree Nation Government may, at its discretion, waive any or all of the aforementioned requirements if a suitable candidate who is a JBNQA beneficiary accepts to follow a training plan determined by the Cree Nation Government as a condition of employment.

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