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The captain is part of the mining sector team. He support the assistant superintendent and the senior mine supervisors. He is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and coordinating activities related to production, development, construction and services mining activities on a monthly basis. The captain adheres to the company's principles by adopting a management style that is oriented toward sustainable development, the six pillars of Goldcorp, an operation for excellence and the organization's code of conduct.
 Respects, be aware and promote company’s rules and politics particularly in health and safety
 Ensure respects of company’s standards, procedures and politics
 Direct and oversee supervisors in charge of the production, development, construction and services teams
 Help engineering, geology and maintenance teams in order to optimize production and resource efficiency on a monthly basis
 Plan and ensure the supervision of substructures
 Coordinate the execution of work so as to meet mining operations objectives
 Forge partnerships with other sectors and with entrepreneurs to maximize progress
 Resolve issues related to the mining sector and recommend measures to increase the productivity of mining operations
 Ensure good management of labour, material, and equipment so as to meet operation costs and respect deadlines
 Ensure compliance with the standards, procedures and policies in place
 Draft and present audit, monitoring and progress reports
 Ensure that workers receive training regarding their duties, safety standards and company policies
 Manage staff, assess performance and oversee employee development
 All tasks related to the performance of his/her duties

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