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Procurement Officer , Outside Cree Territory Print E-mail

Core Functions:
The Procurement Officer is responsible for the purchasing and procurement functions at the Cree Nation Government to minimize the overall purchasing costs without compromising quality or reliability of supplies.

Purchasing and Procurement Responsibilities:
• Support the community justice programs in the community by planning, organizing and coordinating such programs.
• Participate in the development of the Cree Nation Government's overall supply and logistics strategy.
• Assist in developing purchasing budgets, plans, policies, systems, and procedures.
• Assist in minimizing the Cree Nation Government's overall purchasing costs.
• Prepare and post calls for tender through Le système électronique d'appel d'offres du gouvernement du Québec (SEAO).
• Update and maintain SEAO postings, including managing responses and coordinating correspondences.
• Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries.
• Provide information to help in the development of purchasing budgets, plans, policies, systems, and procedures.
• Select and negotiate with approved vendors and place purchase orders.
• Assist in evaluating and negotiating important supplier and vendor.
• Compile and maintain list of suppliers.

Contract Management Responsibilities:
• Review and administer long-term purchase contracts.
• Communicate with contracting parties on all aspects concerning fulfillment of contractual obligations.
• Collaborate in drafting and applying memorandums of agreement.
Assets Management and Inventory Control Responsibilities;
• Ensure that methods and procedures relating to the inventory control of movable assets are followed and update.

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