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Core Functions:
The Community Reintegration Officer is responsible for assisting community reintegration efforts by monitoring and supporting the services offered to Cree offenders who have been sentenced. The incumbent is expected to work in close collaboration with probation officers, communities, community justice panels/committees, corrections personnel, police, social service and health care professionals, and a variety of other individuals and agencies.

Functional Responsibilities:
• Meet with client in custody/detention to provide information regarding available services, complete intake forms, and prepare correctional release plan.
• Work with Departmental Psychologist to obtain or receive written report of psychological assessment or case plan of clientele.
• Monitor and coordinate the progress of files/cases to ensure the timely completion of required outcomes and performance.
• Attend all relevant court hearings, including probation hearings.
• Provide programming insight to Specialist in Detention Environment to ensure reintegration and rehabilitation process starts before release.
• Contribute to the development of a strategic approach for the community, ensuring maximum impact of activities by actively participating in the design, planning and monitoring of activities and mechanisms.

Interaction/ Communication Responsibilities:
• Participate in the development and evolution of the community’s approach in rehabilitation and recovery issues, designing and supporting the implementation of policy and program changes in collaboration with community justice community panels and Community Justice Officers.
• Provide advice to the community on issues related to the overall implementation of reintegration programs and coordinate with probation officers.
• Act as a front-line resource for community and family members to ensure full reintegration of clients within the community.
• Develops partnerships with health services and other support groups as well as employment agencies/community employers to support clients in their reintegration process.
• Act as mediator and engage in conflict resolution as the case may be.

Administrative Responsibilities:
• Prepare and maintain confidential client information including family and community assessment reports, monthly plan of care reports, case notes and discharge reports.
• Populate and maintain up-to-date databases with client information and information regarding services provided.

Reporting Responsibilities:
• Provide quarterly reports to Coordinator of Corrections on cases under management.
• Report to the Coordinator any deficiencies or abuses in government services to or treatment of clients. Participate in Gladue report writing training.

Other Responsibilities:
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility.
• Perform other duties as required.

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