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OBJECTIVE To plan, administer, manage and deliver the Naskapi social housing program, and all housing activities and services for the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach.

This position requires relocation to Kawawachikamach or Schefferville, in Quebec, for at least one (1) year.

SCOPE Kawawachikamach is home to 916 Naskapi beneficiaries in 2018, and has about 175 social housing units. The Nation has been working to increase the number and improve the quality of the houses for Naskapis.

The performance of the Housing Manager will affect the lives of tenant and community members, and will have a dramatic effect on the financial affairs of the Nation.


The Housing Manager is invested with responsibility and authority as delegated by Council. The Housing Manager is responsible to:

• Manage the tenancy of residential units owned by the Nation
• Plan, develop and implement related programs and projects, including fundraising
• Manage the construction, maintenance and upkeep of Nation-owned housing units, including social housing units built under Section 95 of CMHC
• Manage all related housing activities
• Implement and administer policies and procedures, and advise the Housing Committee on amendments
• Manage housing-related financial activities
• Meet the reasonable needs of tenants and ensure that tenants comply with the Nation’s housing policies and procedures
• Lead communications campaigns to raise awareness on housing issues, such as how to maintain one’s home, why rent is asked to be paid, etc.
• Respond to questions and concerns of community members in a professional and courteous manner
• Increase rent and arrears collection rate
• Counsel and advocate for tenants
• Organize, motivate, delegate and supervise housing staff, including the Housing Maintenance Supervisor, the Housing Officer and the Housing Officer Assistant
• Communicate with stakeholders, such as governments, financial agencies, other Indigenous housing departments, Indigenous organizations, etc.

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