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The Department of Commerce and Industry (DCI) is entrusted with the creation of conditions necessary for the Cree Nation to achieve strong, diversified and sustainable economic development for Eeyou Istchee.
The Director of Commerce and Industry will lead the socio-economic development initiatives in order to build and support the various economies throughout Eeyou Istchee. In essence, he/she is responsible for developing departmental goals, programs, services, initiatives and projects in his/her area of responsibility, aligned with the Cree Nation Government’s mission and vision.

The Director manages the overall operational, budgetary, and financial responsibilities and activities of the department. He/she may also participate in the negotiation, implementation and monitoring of various agreements with local, provincial and federal governments in his/her area of responsibility.

Functional Responsibilities:
• Lead the department and its team in the development, implementation and execution of mandates, plans, strategies and initiatives related to the building and rebuilding of strong, diversified and sustainable economies in Eeyou Istchee.
• Support stakeholders and partners with their projects so they are built according to the principles of circular economies and the development and strengthening of capacity.
• Work closely with the development, implementation and execution of natural resources projects and agreements to maximize benefits and minimize or mitigate negative impacts.
• Lead the development and implementation of new programs, services, initiatives and projects in line with community needs and departmental goals.
• Develop and communicate departmental goals and objectives, in line with the organization’s and the department’s mission and vision.
• Develop annual and three to five-year operational plans for the department.
• Review performance data that includes financial and activity reports, to monitor and measure departmental productivity, goal achievement, and overall effectiveness.
• Prepare quarterly and annual reports regarding status and progress of department services, programs, projects and initiatives to track goal accomplishment, as well as budget spending.
• Participate in the negotiation of agreements with the Federal and/or Quebec governments.
• Directly supervise and lead direct reports and ensure effective supervision of others within the team.

Interaction/ Communication Responsibilities:
• Build and maintain relations with stakeholders and partners to ensure the successful development and implementation of measures and initiatives.
• Develop and implement communication plans and mechanisms aimed at obtaining transparency, stakeholder engagement.
• Represent the Cree Nation Government at various tables, working groups and committees, including assigned negotiations.

Financial Responsibilities:
• Manage the budget for the Department.
• Seek additional funding/budget to implement programs related to the Department.

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