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Lead statement

Human ResourcesManager will plan, organize,direct, control and evaluate the operationso f human resourcesand personnel departments, and develo p and im pleme nt policies, programs and procedures regarding human resource planning, recruitment, collective bargaining, t raining and development, occupation classification and pay and benefit administrat ion. They represent management and participate actively on various joint commit tees to maintain ongoing relations betwee n management and employees.The Human Resources Manager will beunderthesupervision of the Director General.

Main duties

• Human Resources Manager will perf or m the follow ing dut ies:

• Plan, organize, d i rect, cont rol an d eva luate t he operat ion s of human resourcesor personnel departments
• Plan human resource requiremen tsin conjunction with other departme nt al managers
• Co-ordinate intern al and external train ing and recruitment activities
• Develop and implement labor relations policiesand procedures and negotiate collect ive agreements
• Administer employee development, language training and health and safety programs
• Advise and assist other departmentalmanagers on interpreta tion and admi nistration of person nel polic ies and programs
• Oversee the classification and ratingof occupatio ns
• Organize and conduct employee informat ion meetingson employment policy, benefits and compensat ion an d p art icipate actively on various joint commit tees
• Direct the organization' squality managem ent program
• Ensurecompliance with legislatio n such as the Pay Equ it y Act.
• Pro vide Payroll information by collecting time and att endance records
• Submit reports and statistics
• Ensureand maintain quality serviceby following organization standards
• Promote and educate employees of health and safety

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