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Under the general direction and immediate supervision of the Director of Commerce and Industry, the Manager of Strategic Development Initiatives provides financial advice, technical support, project coordination, and building of venture and investment projects. They will build and support special regional and local projects while providing technical, logistical and leadership support. They will lead key actions and initiatives including government relations, strategic planning, policy development, research, economic development, community engagement and innovative community partnership initiatives. They will also foster key and emerging relationships with local and regional economic development stakeholders to promote business and investment interests and opportunities in Eeyou Istchee.


Main Responsibilities
 Provide financial guidance/advice on economic development projects both internally and to communities.
 Coordinate the implementation and operation of the Eeyou-Eenou Nation Trade and Commerce Agreement.
 Oversee projects under the “Venture Capital Fund”, whether it be by analyzing proposals, working with proponents, seeking projects and partners.
 Seek out and develop proposals and projects for new economic endeavors in new and existing sectors.
 Support communities and partners so that projects are built according to our partners’ needs and capacities.

 Oversee projects under the Venture Capital Fund, including coordinating services from outside professionals.
 Collaborate with the leadership team to develop strategy, organization objectives and seek out potential partners to develop special programs/projects.
 Assist Director and stakeholders to identify opportunities for strategic economic and development growth.
 Liaise with internal and external stakeholders at the senior level to discuss and develop strategic initiatives and their potential impact on the communities.
 Identify, evaluate, and execute transaction opportunities for the different business segments, including mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, financial investments and other partnership opportunities.
 Perform and supervise qualitative and quantitative analysis of opportunities including financial projects and valuation analysis.
 Draft merger and acquisition opportunity documents, including indications of interest, term sheets, proposals and other related documents.
 Determine necessary legal documents related to business development opportunities and review legal documents drafted by internal and external counsel.
 Oversee operational initiatives including development of required work plans and utilizing appropriate internal resources to achieve desired outcomes.
 Conduct process reviews, in consultation with the Director and stakeholders on specific business issues and processes and implement measures related to key issues.
 Communicate internally and externally on transaction evaluations and opportunities.
 Direct cross-functional teams and facilitate efforts to implement business plans, streamline processes, and identify, qualify and present key business issues to the stakeholders.
 Coordinate budget and planning process and track key organization KPIs.

Special Project Management
 Sustain project management of all major strategic initiatives. You will:
 Synthesize strategic analysis, financial analysis, and business research to develop detailed business cases for strategic growth initiatives;
 Translate strategic initiatives into actionable projects by detailing milestones, interdependencies, identifying stakeholders, key drivers and metrics to measure successes;
 Conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for new economic development opportunities and make recommendations;
 Ensure stakeholders are on track to achieve goals related to strategic initiatives;
 Manage and monitor internal and external initiatives communications, clearly and consistently; and
 Track and follow up on relationships vital to the success of strategic initiatives.

 Act as the staff liaison on local & regional economic development files (financial and business tables).
 Consult with Directors, Managers, Councils and stakeholders on various corporate projects to solicit input in addition to receive and/or provide expertise on specific issues.
 Monitor and maintain the communications plan for regional project initiatives.
 Develop and update communications content (i.e. messaging, talking points, briefs and strategic plans).
 Provide training and technical support for communities and internally.
 Understand the dynamics and sensitivities of strategic issues impacting the communities.

Managerial Responsibilities
• Supervise and manage direct report(s).
• For direct report(s), assist with development of objectives and ensure that performance is aligned with team and individual objectives.
• Ensure the team is aligned with the departmental objectives and Commerce and Industry services, procedures and policies.
• Establish, with the team, procedures and guidelines to be more efficient and organized.
• Ensure direct report(s) assume the optimal compilation and access to data and information structures (ex. Business registry, socio-economic profiles, etc.).
• Establish and maintain effective communications and collaboration with direct report(s), the Commerce and Industry team, and with other departments.
• Coach and support the team members in their responsibilities.

Other Responsibilities
• Preparation of reports as required and participate in drafting the annual report.
• Perform other related tasks as requested by the Director of Commerce and Industry.

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